Available Work 2

A selection of work available for purchase. Note: All pieces are matted and framed unless otherwise indicated. Size given is that of the images. Mats and frames typically add six inches to the height and width of a piece.

Outside the Dakota, NYC

Outside the Dakota, NYC

coloured pencil on museum board
6 x 6 in., 2017 • $200
Nest with three eggs

Nest: Unexpected Company

graphite on board,
2018 • $250

Farmer’s Market Cochin

coloured pencil on museum board
2019 • $200
Pencil drawing of ceramic bird figurines

An Indecent Proposal

graphite on board,
2007 • SOLD

Bold Goldfinch

coloured pencil on museum board,
2018 • $200
Pencil drawings of ceramic bird figurines


pencil on illustration board
8 x 8 in., 2007 • $150