I was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario. After graduating from the University of Windsor in 1977 with a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) and a Bachelor of Education (Visual Arts and English), I moved to London. I later attended the University of Western Ontario and earned a Diploma in Art Therapy.

As an artist, I work mainly in dry media, especially in lead or coloured pencils. My favorite subject matter includes objects that I collect as well as things that I admire, ranging from small toys, to local wildlife.

Key concepts that drive my artistic vision are: experiencing a sense of wonder in all things; discovering new and extreme examples of natural and manufactured items; experimenting with arranging and classifying things; and making connections between seemingly unlike items.

In addition to making art, I am a secondary school teacher with the Thames Valley District School Board. I am also active with the London Artists’ Studio Tour and the London Fringe Theatre.